Ready to make a big leap in your social media?

Have you been in the social media world for a while but can't shake feeling like it's still harder than it ought to be?

You know you could do better with the right tweaks and strategies, and you're craving the shared wisdom of others in the same boat as you. 

I get it - we are social creatures, especially those of us in social media!

You're not alone. For years I've been asked for a service that supports more experienced social media coordinators who know the basics and are looking for more advanced support.

Don't go to another conference, register for yet another webinar or google any more courses! These professional learning opportunities can be useful, but they are information only and don't provide accountability or tailored advice.

The Social Media Progress Mastermind

offers a group coaching environment for experienced but discontented social media coordinators who are looking to sharpen their strategy and push their organisation's socials to a new level.

Learn from Group Members

Insights + Accountability + Discussion

A mastermind means that you learn from group members, gaining insights from other organisations, as well as the facilitator.

The Social Media Progress Mastermind will be held through virtual sessions as a whole group over a 6 month period, as well as 1:1 mentoring sessions with me. Unlike conferences and webinars, a mastermind provides accountability and tailored discussion.

Expand those horizons - engage with people and organisations outside your normal networks

Break the rules - stop signing up for webinars and never watching the replay

Give yourself the headspace - jump off the content hamster wheel

Fast track progress - why figure it out on your own when you can leap your way there faster

Who this program is for:

  • Public health, health promotion, community engagement, advocacy, human, social or community services focused organisations

  • Small teams or individual staff members managing communications and social media

  • Governments or not-for-profits

  • Individual business owners including consultants, freelancers, or start-ups

  • Researchers or academics looking to cement their personal brand online

At the end of the 6-month program you will....

  • Feel more confident to design, implement and evaluate your social media and communications strategy

  • Gain insights into how other organisations are managing the same issues as you

  • Feel confident to lead others in social media

  • Feel inspired to challenge the status quo and keep doing better

Common issues that we can work on...

  • Save on ad spend
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve your use of social media metrics
  • Sharpen your storytelling and social strategy
  • Develop your confidence and harnessing your strengths
  • Learn to manage up and report to management and board

  • Old ways won't open new doors!

    On hold until 2022

    What's Included

    • Group Expertise

      Monthly group coaching sessions (2 hours)

    • Expert Advice

      2 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls with Kristy

    • Community of practice

      Minimum 4, maximum 10. Participants will be selected for suitability


    There will be 'intersession activities' ie homework, reading and practical resources provided

    • Month 1 - Goal Setting

    • Month 2 - Storytelling

    • Month 3 - Gaps, missed tricks and growing your community

    • Month 4 - Evaluations and metrics

    • Month 5 - Mental health and wellbeing

    • Month 6 - Moving forward - the next leap

    “The first asset you should invest in is yourself.” - Orrin Woodward


    Kristy has 20 years experience working in health promotion and public health in South Australia and London. She has worked across a range of settings and topic areas including blood-borne viruses, obesity, youth health, mental health, tobacco & breast cancer.

    In 2013 Kristy founded Zockmelon, a consultancy that aims to help public health organisations effectively use social media and other technologies in their programs. Kristy currently runs online and face-to-face training on using social media in health promotion. 

    Kristy was awarded the Public Health Association of Australia and Australian Health Promotion Association (SA Branches) South Australian Primary Health Care Practitioner in 2014, and was recognised as one of South Australia's top 40 under 40 business leaders in 2018.

    Professional affiliations: Co-Founder Australian Public Health Consultants Network, Member of Public Health Association of Australia and Australian Health Promotion Association, and Professional Member of Australian Marketing Institute

    You can find out more about Kristy on the Zockmelon website or connect on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

    What others have said

    As the owner of a busy Occupational Therapy practice with several social media channels and no dedicated social media officer, last year I found myself in the awkward position of feeling like I was simultaneously drowning in social media while also underutilising it. 

    I knew I had to find a way to make my social media work better for myself and my business, so I turned to Kristy Schirmer of Zockmelon. 

    Her advice proved so fruitful, it enabled us to streamline our social media presence, create a more cohesive brand and be able to focus on the themes and messages we really wanted to take to our community. 

    As an allied health practice owner, I also appreciated Kristy’s background in public health and health promotion. She understood the unique demands and restrictions of representing a health business in the social media world. I highly recommend her services to any other business, specifically those in the health and allied health industries.

    Sarah Hausler, Principal Occupational Therapist and Director, Bloom Wellbeing Occupational Therapy


    • When will the mastermind commence?

      Subject to group availability, the mastermind will commence in late Nov/Early Dec 2021.

    • When will 1:1 and group sessions be held?

      The dates and times for 1:1 will be individually negotiated to suit both Kristy and yourself. Session times will be planned to suit the majority of attendees and will generally be a set day. Group sessions will be rescheduled if half or more attendees are not available.

    • Can people outside of Australia take part?

      Yes, as this is a wholly virtual program, anyone outside of Australia is eligible to take part. Please note payment is in Australian dollars, the sessions will be held during Australian business hours, and the same application process applies.

    • Is my registration transferrable?

      The individual who applies is not able to transfer their registration.

    • What is the refund policy?

      Changes of mind refunds will not be issued. If you are dissatisfied with the program please email to discuss further.

    • Can you provide receipts?

      Yes, if you require a receipt for tax purposes or for reimbursement please email Please note receipts will be automatically generated when ordering online.

    • Can I download a copy of the program information for my manager?

      Yes, a copy of the mastermind information is available to download as a PDF. Click Here to download.

    • Is the program evaluated?

      The program will be evaluated with a pre and post-survey. The survey provides information on how the program structure can be improved and how participants implement the skills and knowledge gained in the course. Evaluation is taken seriously in the interests of ongoing improvement and we encourage all participants to complete the surveys.

    • Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

      Please email with any questions you are not able to find answered on this page.